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I probably couldn't find the rhythm to this if i listened to it all day everyday for seven weeks straight.



The most ownage thing i've evr heard. Your screams in this remind me of alexi from children of bodham. Their a lot more cleaned up than the previous vocal tracks ive heard. I love the instrumental to this song and now i love the complete one too. It's short and sweet.

Very Syncopated.

It was hard to pick out the beat near the beginning, a fact that makes this thing all the more awesome.

At about 1:30, i find myself in nostalgia as my mind flickers back to a game called Descent. The echoing sample there reminds me of the game and it's fast pace.

The rest is pure own sauce.

Nice Job.

Nukem already grants this thing an a plus, but the musical and mixing aspects are superb as well.

What programs do you use to achieve such harmonious melodies.

The perfect blend

Some soft rock combined with a bit of drum and bass always helps me unwind.

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A symphony of synthetic badassery

It's that good.

Can't wait for the full version, dude. This is some epicly badass stuff here!


When i stumbled upon this music, i was searching for music to listen to while playing garrys mod. XD and low and behold i find a half life 2 song composed of sounds from half life 2. Funny as hell

The song is very well done, even though it is a bit short. I like the use of the siren the most.

Album release?

I just went through a bunch of your songs and you said that you were doing an album of old songs you wrote. Is there any chance you could upload them all in hq in one pack on a sharing site? Anyway, kick ass everything. Who ever zero bombed this song is either severly mindFuckED, or an idiot.

Jakisdead responds:

Yesss this will be happening at some point. I've got all of the instrumentals finished apart from the last song which is half-done. Then I have to do vocals, which I'm NOT looking forward to XD

It's only gonna be six tracks, but it should be a decent album length because most of the songs (such as this one) are quite long.

I'll be posting it on my Jamendo when it's done (if you haven't been there yet, go visit it now!) It shouldn't be more than a few weeks!

Lamb of Godish

I've just discovered you, and have commented on a few of your songs. From what i've seen so far, you have a very wide pallet. This song makes me think of Lamb of God and Rage Against The Machine put together.

Jakisdead responds:

Thank-you very much!
That's quite an interesting combo, I'm honoured!

Happy metal DOES exist!

The last time I heard something this heavy and primarily in major, I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a fork that was dipped in a lake of toxic snozberries in which a Hungarian sasquatch used to birth a grey oozing mass of dandruff clutching a signed photo of Conway Twitty. Now, I actually feel happy! You have succeeded in combining heavy metal with happiness and have mindF^%$ED me in the process.

Great job.

P.S. I don't suppose you would tell me how to get that ownage sevendusty tone?

Jakisdead responds:

Haha dude, that is a BRILLIANT comment! XD
I'm glad that you've enjoyed it and that I've succeeded in enlightening you!

Tone-wise, I use an Ibanez RG7321 through a Line 6 Pod UX2 with the metal expansion thing. If you happen to have a Pod UX2, I can post my tone files on MediaFire for you to download! PM me if this is the case!

Thanks for the review!

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